22. The Key to Successful Franchising in Any Industry is Building Your Network

If you want to add on to your stand-alone business or if you need payroll services in general, this is the Franchise Maven episode for you! Join host Greg Mohr in his discussion with guest Marilyn Manning about the work they employ at Payroll Vault, one that has won many awards and accolades for their hands-on, year-round franchisee support system. Above all, understand why networking is always the making-or-breaking point for a franchisee.

3 Key Takeaways

– Facebook is more of a social consumer-based network. For franchisees, it’s more about promoting clients. LinkedIn is a better networking option.

– A day in the life of their franchisees is all centered around networking. Do not overlook the importance of engaging in the community.

– While no specific background in business is typically required to become a franchisee, one determining trait remains the same: you need to have good people skills.


Website: payrollvault.com
Discover more about the franchise side on payrollvaultfranchise.com
Email: Marilyn.manning@payrollvault.com
Marilyn’s Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/marilynmanning

About Marilyn Manning

Payroll Vault Franchising LLC is a national payroll service business. As Director of Franchise Development for the company, Marilyn engages entrepreneurs with their franchise opportunity to help them become a part of the growing industry of payroll services and show them how they can successfully manage and grow their franchise into a thriving and profitable entity.



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