3 Niches To AVOID In The Rank & Rent Business Model

We want you to be set up for success especially as a beginner. So I suggest you avoid these rank and rent niches.

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Of course they are still lucrative markets and local lead generators are making money in them but there are in my humble opinion better options.

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Avoid These Rank and Rent Niches
Pest Control
Garage Doors

The local lead generation niches are not only getting too competitive and saturated but they also are getting cracked down on by BIG G itself when you try to verify a GMB or run paid PPC.

We want to find the low hanging fruit. We work smarter not harder and also at scale. The best rank and rent niches will have low competition, high payouts and decent search in a decent sized city.

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The best local lead generation niches are not always the ones you think. Yes, remember that and let that sink in. Just because you hear everyone speaking about popular niches like roofing and water damage does not mean you should or need to jump into them.

Besides the actual niche, consider the location, weather and demographics. Is it Seasonal or all year around services? Take your time with niche selection.



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