Are There Low Cost Franchises with $200k Avg. NET Profit?

Yes. Franchise buyers in an emerging system are seeing an average 200k+ Profit with a low cost franchise. Today we’ll explore a unique new franchise business that demonstrates profits that rival some of the million dollar investment food franchises.

This business services customers in the renovation sector. Remember, the owner is not performing the renovations, they operate the business in an executive capacity so it does help to have business or management experience. So in this business you are hiring and managing crews who go out and provide the service. head office deploys all the advertising so you have an immediate source of leads from day one.

Little secret in franchising, the better the franchise opportunity is, the more selective they will be in choosing who gets to operate in the territory. We often have several people looking at a single territory. Many territories for this franchise are already sold out, contact franchise city to determine if your city is available.

The total investment ranges between $75,000 – $100k that will vary depending on your location and what you already own by way of business equipment and tech, but that is your total investment including franchise fee and working capital. Compare that to most franchised restaurants that are over a million, this is a pretty good ROI.

Also remember, these numbers are from 2020, arguably one of the toughest years for businesses! But this is how much businesses earned in this period. Average gross sales for locations open 12+ months $448,000 with net profit of $118k. Locations open at least 24 months average gross sales of $669k with median net profit of $216k. Not bad for a $70k investment. Keep in mind these numbers are from single territories, many owners have expanded into multiple territories, and also this is a newer franchise. As franchise systems grow their revenues often increase so those figures could be higher next year.

So why doesn’t everyone buy this franchise? One, they dont know about it. Its 2021 and some people still dont call Franchise City when they buy a franchise! Two, operationally they may not be good at or want to perform the functions related to this business, like hiring and managing crews. They may not want to deal with customers. They may just want to own a coffee shop. Everyone has different goals and objectives and no one franchise is perfect for everyone. That said, if someone is willing to put in the work, has access to a smaller amount of capital, and just wants a proven and profitable business, this is a great option.

You’ll need a minimum net worth of $250k to qualify, liquidity of $75k, Financing is available OAC. If you would like to inquire on this franchise or look at any others always call Franchise City brokers we have access to the best franchise opportunities –

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