Best Beauty Franchise – Sugaring NYC – Existing Franchisees Testimonials and Reviews

You may be new to the beauty industry, but we’re not. After showing amazing financial results in corporate-owned locations we took the company to the next level – offering our future business partners to open franchise locations in virtually any city in the United States.
Since the beginning of 2019, we had granted 153 Franchises in most US States. Many states and cities are still available – DO NOT LOSE YOUR CHANCE to own America’s #1 Fastest Growing Beauty Franchise.

$29.900 Initial Franchise Fee
The initial fee is a lump sum, paid by the franchisee to the franchisor, upon signing the franchise agreement. This payment acts as compensation for the experience, training, employee travel, recruiting, legal fees associated with being able to operate the franchised brand, all legal agreements, including signing the franchise agreement, and the right to use the brand name of the franchise in your locality.

80-120K Total Investment
Includes Initial Franchise Fee, Building the location ( signing the lease, hiring general contractor, all labor and material cost is included). Cost for 3 months operation including rent and supply starter pack that will last 2-3 months.
Your investment cost can be much lower if you are able to find the space with walls already built, an existing air conditioner and can negotiate a good price for a light cosmetic makeover of the space to turn the existing interior into Sugaring NYC corporate-style finishes.

Fastest ROI in the industry
Sugaring NYC tailored the investment offering to those who want to return their investment as soon as possible. With the economy changing rapidly we do not believe in long-term, complicated investments, strongly tied to the economy, bank rates, and other factors we cannot control. Using affordable furniture and materials we’ve built the financial model that allows franchisees to return their investment fast and focus on opening more locations.

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