Business Franchising: Is a franchise right for you? With Top Franchise Consultant, Kim Daly

What is franchising? How do I choose a franchise? What are the trends in franchising right now? If you are thinking about franchising as a business model or looking to buy a franchise, then this is the video for you!

In this episode, Kim Daly, one of America’s Top Franchise Consultant, shares her experience with franchises and provides some great advice for those interested in exploring the opportunity.

As America’s top franchise consultant, Kim Daly (“The Daly Coach”) has inspired thousands of people to realize and follow their dreams of business ownership over the past two decades. Kim coaches her candidates to take control of their future and finances by strategically investing in a franchise brand that aligns with their unique goals. She commonly works with entrepreneurs, veterans, investors, and those in career transition. An avid marketer, Kim’s growing YouTube channel features franchising advice, FAQs, mistakes to avoid, and enlightening interviews with powerful business leaders. Please subscribe for new franchising content shared multiple times a week at

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