How I Manage The 40 Man Roster (Timestamped) | MLB the Show Franchise

The 40 Man roster in MLB & MLB the Show is important to get right in case of injury and to protect those players from the other 29 teams in baseball from acquiring them for their team. Players who are not on the 40 roster are eligible to be drafted by other teams in the December Rule 5 Draft and you do not want to lose an up and coming prospect or a player who can be a great contributor to your franchise’s success. Following the initial franchise season, in the offseason, I will go into the next season with less than 40 in case a trade needs to be made, a free agent needs signing or a valuable talent finds their way on waivers who can help us get better for that season. I will also address arbitration and how to not lose players as well as tender contracts & the Rule 5 Draft.
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0:00 Can you adjust the 40 Man roster before starting a Franchise?
0:40 40 Man Roster Determines Spring Training Roster
1:40 Dealing with Real Life Injuries
3:50 Young Players with High Overalls
4:25 Never Hurts to Have Positional Versatility
8:40 Backups & Platoon Guys Need to Be Good at Something
9:57 Brainstorming Your Pitching Staff (5 Man Rotation or Larger)
10:15 Does Low Overall or Potential Mean A Useless Player?
12:51 Don’t Be Afraid to Put a Guy On Waivers
14:34 Roster Philosophy: Don’t Just Go By Overalls
16:59 The 40 Man Roster & the Offseason: Selecting the 40 Man Roster
18:18 Why Less is More Beneficial
19:17 Rule 5 Draft Eligible or Not? Check EVERY player!
21:41 Rule 5 Draft vs Free Agent
22:11 Young Player, Good Upside: Keep or Bait to the Wolves?
23:17 The Key to NOT Losing Players to Arbitration: Double Up
28:42 Tender Contracts
31:09 Why Does Everyone WANT a 5 Year Deal?
32:28 The Rule 5 Draft: How to Utilize it Properly
37:23 Measure Twice, Cut Once

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