Influencer Business Model | Financial Model for Influencers

We learn about the influencer business model and build a financial model showing how to scale and monetize an audience across different platforms with different products.

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One of the most interesting emerging business models is the influencer business. Traditionally, technology companies would launch a product and then look for an audience. Influencers; however, build the audience first and then launch products later.

Influencer businesses can drive incredible revenues and can be monetized in a huge variety of ways. They can advertise like media businesses, sell products like ecommerce stores, build exclusive communities on subscriptions, etc.

In this video I build a financial model for an influencer building a community on Youtube and then launching new products and communities across additional platforms to monetize their audience.

0:17 overview of influencer business model
1:04 unique characteristics and tailwinds of influencer businesses
4:50 forecast model for scaling Youtube channel & adsense revenue
20:34 monetizing audience through a subscription-based community
30:13 monetizing audience through merchandise sales
37:00 influencer sponsorship revenue forecast
43:41 forecast for building email list (and importance of doing this)
50:00 other monetization possibilities for influencers
51:19 building the full income statement & summary KPIs

By the end of this video, you’ll have a much better understanding of the revenue, cost, and profitability dynamics of influencer businesses – I guarantee it.

If you have questions – leave a comment below and I’ll try to help. Cheers!

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