Local Lead Generation Business Model For 2021

I have been talking about the local lead generation business model for a few years now and since it is 2021 everyone is asking if selling local leads or rank and rent model still works.

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Yes, local lead generation is absolutely alive, thriving and there are a few different ways to approach Local lead generation but what I personally like to do is rank local assets and turn targeted traffic into quality leads that I sell to a qualified service provider that needs more jobs.

I do know some people who do local lead generation with paid advertisements with facebook and Google pay per click which can also be a business model but what I like to focus on is utilizing local SEO to get real organic results that can keep coming in once you establish rankings.

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I will be making more videos on this lead gen model but it is important that you put your questions below in the comment section this way I can make in depth videos on topics you would like to know about.

Learning local search engine optimization will give you an unbelievable skill that many local businesses need. These bigger digital agencies do not really know how to do powerful SEO for these businesses so there is a huge opportunity.



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