Multi-Store POS Features: 7 Essential Software Features for Franchises and Chains

0:44 – Connection between each store
1:35 – Business growth and scalability
2:18 – Automate POS software updates
3:03 – Consolidated sales reports
3:48 – Franchise or chain CRM system
4:16 – Cloud-based inventory management
5:17 – eCommerce integration

Multi-store operations have a whole lot of moving parts. From warehouses and inventory management, to cross-store promotions and CRM systems, managing a retail chain or franchise requires cohesion and organization.

That’s why POS software for chains and franchises is so important. In this video, learn about the 7 most important point of sale features to look for if you own or manage a multi-store business. Understanding this from the beginning will make your search for a new system that much easier.

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