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Nexus Property Management® is a property management franchise that is now the largest of its kind in Southern New England. With over 1000 units under management and 4 franchised locations, Nexus’ team is hard at work to revolutionize the real estate investment landscape. Franchise opportunities are now available nationwide. Learn more about our systems, vision, and projected growth:

Nexus prides itself on working toward a win-win-win relationship with owners and tenants alike. By aligning our own values and incentives with those of our clients, our model creates a consistent feedback loop to maximize profits for owners and value for tenants.

This same relationship plays out across and between all of our franchisees. What’s good for one, is good for all, and we work collaboratively to fine tune our best practices for the benefit of all.

If looking for property management services, or simply for advice, contact our team at

Nexus Property Management®
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