Two Ways To Get Rich In Franchising

In today┬┤s video, we are going to talk about two ways to get rich in franchising. The first way is through cash flow. This means that you receive a regular income from your franchise businesses, and you become wealthy over time. The second way is through capital appreciation. This means that you make money when you sell the asset, and the value of the business has increased since you bought it. In this video, we will discuss both of these methods in more detail!

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00:00 Introduction
00:30 First Way: Cash Flow
00:42 Second Way: Capital Appreciation & Making Money When You Sell the Asset
00:52 Few Examples
02:05 The Cash Flow Focus Franchisee
02:29 Franchise Investors Focused on Capital Appreciation
03:06 Real Estate Property Management Example
04:38 Conclusion

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